Grease Trap Cleaning And Maintenance

Grease Trap CleaningIf you own or operate a restaurant, commercial kitchen, or other business that relies on the everyday use of a kitchen facility than it is extremely important that the grease traps function properly on a continuous basis. Something that simple can make the difference between a smooth and successful operation or one that is constantly experiencing costly breakdowns. The grease traps play an important role. They prevent the animal fats and vegetable oils that are found within the wastewater from entering into the drainpipes and sewer pipes where they can block the system.

There are small devices located inside of the grease traps that are connected directly to the sink drains. There is typically one grease trap per sink. When the wastewater goes down the drain the animal fats and vegetable oils are trapped or contained within the grease trap. However they can only hold small quantities, and quickly overflow into the sewer system if not properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. In order to prevent that from occurring, the grease traps should be serviced on a daily or weekly basis depending on the quantity of food cooked at the facility.

When the fat and grease overflow into the drainpipes and sewer pipes it cools and then solidifies in the system. At this point it becomes a sticky glue like substance that clings to the inside of the pipes and attracts food particles and other kitchen debris. It certainly does not take long for the material to grow into a clog that not only prevents the proper flow of wastewater, but can also cause raw sewage to back up into the system. In essence, when the sewer system becomes clogged it may very well shut down the entire kitchen until the problem is fixed.

The bottom line is that your company will lose revenue during the repair process, and be stuck with an expensive bill from the plumber. In order to prevent that nightmare from happening Sewer Solutions can schedule a daily or weekly grease trap cleaning and maintenance service at your business. If you prefer we are also available any time that you call us. One of our dedicated plumbing technicians will arrive quickly in order to handle the grease trap maintenance whenever you need us. Sewer Solutions will completely pump and clean your grease traps.

Although a great deal of other companies only skim the materials at the top of the trap and actually leave the hardened deposits, our technicians take great pride in the fact that they thoroughly clean each and every grease trap the correct way. This includes scrapping away the hard deposits. It should be noted that solids left in the grease trap could cause the unit to deteriorate faster than usual. Sewer Solutions is also responsible for disposing the waste at the proper facilities. Our company follows all federal, state, and local regulations regarding the transport and disposal of waste materials.

When you hire Sewer Solutions to clean and maintain your grease traps you can be rest assured that we will perform the job correctly each and every step of the way. We specialize in providing our valued customers with the most comprehensive and cost effective plumbing solutions available on the market. Please contact us today to schedule service or for further information.