Sewer Pipe LiningAre you having problems with the sewer pipe from your home and require a repair? The best approach will be to look at trenchless sewer repair solutions instead of traditional methods that often involve digging up your yard. Advances in technology used for sewer and drain repair has improved significantly over the past 10 to 15 years. This means a trenchless approach to the repair of an underground sewer pipe will be much less invasive and not as expensive.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Types

Repairing sewer lines or drain lines using a trenchless method is a significant advance over repairs that are done using traditional methods. A repair can be done using a pipe busting method or by using a pipe lining method. You may be surprised at how trenchless sewer repair in Columbus works.

The process of pipe lining is also known as epoxy lining or cured in place lining. A flexible tube needs to be inserted into a damaged pipe. This will be done by using a pulling process or a blowing process. There is a resin on the outside of the tube that will harden within the existing pipe. The result is a new pipe that will resist corrosion and be jointless. An easy way to refer to this process is a pipe within a pipe.

The new pipe will be about one-quarter inch smaller than the original pipe. This will not affect how the new pipe performs in any way. A single hole is all that is necessary for this process. No big backhoes or a pipe of dirt and a big trench will be necessary to access the damaged pipe.

The process or pipe bursting involves pulling a new pipe through the existing pipe. A cable is inserted in one end of the pipe and a new pipe is pulled into place. This is the best method to use when an old pipe has joints or is completely collapsed. Two small holes are all that will be needed for this pipe replacement method.

Where Trenchless Repair Works Best

There are four situations where a trenchless sewer repair will be beneficial.

The sewer or drain pipe in your yard is buried pretty deep underground.
The drain or sewer pipe is too long to dig a big trench.
Traditional repair methods involve excavating landscaping or moving structures in the yard.
Homeowners in the city may have sewer or drain lines that run out into the street.

Trenchless Repair Benefits

There are many benefits to home owners using trenchless sewer repair in Columbus. The time needed to complete the join is relatively short, there is little mess, it is reliable, and it is affordable. You also have a low chance of future damage occurring.

The work necessary for a trenchless approach to sewer and drain line repair is not too disruptive. There is no need to dig up your yard or ruin expensive landscaping. No big equipment is used so the road will not be blocked.

Digging up your yard is a time consuming process. Repairs using a trenchless approach will not take as long as they can be completed much more quickly. This type of repair work come with a guarantee or a warranty that lasts between 10 and 50 years. The best part is the yard will not end up with any damage that is unsightly.

Trenchless sewer repair in Columbus may not work in some circumstances. The pipe might be too old or is too damaged. This work also needs to be done technicians who are properly trained. You will need to make sure the work is being done by experienced technicians.