Drain Cleaning in Arvada

When living and working in a building, we are aware of the condition of the things we can see – wall paint, lighting, and flooring, regularly having them repaired, maintained, or replaced as needed.

But what about the hidden fittings of a house, like a sewer? The water pipes that run along the walls and sewers under the ground? We can’t see them, so we forget they’re there until they make their presence felt by leak or breaking. After all, a backed up sewer or leaking pipe grabs our attention like very few things can.

Drain Cleaning Methods

Before starting any work on your pipes, it is very important for the technicians to first diagnose the problem with the help of drain inspection cameras. Drain inspection also helps determine the material sewers are made of, and map the entire system, helping expert technicians figure out the best way to clean a blocked drain.  

There are typically two main reasons for a sewer backing up – a root ball blocking the flow of water or a lump of domestic waste that has accumulated in the pipe.

If a root ball is the cause of the problem, there are two ways of removing it. For a small root ball, a mechanized “rooter” is the best option. This machine has metal teeth attached to its head and saws away at the roots till they’re finely shredded. A jet of water blasted through the pipe washes away the debris, leaving the pipe clear.

Professional Drain Cleaning Solutions

However, if the cause of blockage is a large root ball or a lump of accumulated domestic waste, the best way to remove it is through hydro jetting. Hydro jetting involves sending water through the sewers at very high pressure – between 4,000 and 60,000 PSI, depending on the size of the pipe and of the blockage. This pressurized water blasts apart the blockage and flushes away the debris, leaving the pipe clear.

Drain cleaning is important in trenchless pipe repair as well. For resin to coat the older pipe completely and seal the pipe again, the inner wall of the pipe should be clear of grease, sludge, rust and salt deposits.

Mechanized rooting and hydro-jetting are non-invasive, efficient methods of drain cleaning. When carried out correctly by professionals, mechanized rooting, and hydro jetting are all non-invasive, efficient methods of drain cleaning. Sewers are cleaned to almost-new state and regular maintenance can help keep them that way.  

It is crucial for trained technicians to carry out drain inspection and cleaning in order to avoid further damage. If the pipes are made of clay or cast iron that has rusted, they may not be able to withstand very high pressure. The path of high-pressure water should also be as straight as possible. Sharp turns can result in damage to the pipe itself, and maybe even dislocation of the joints. Hydro jetting is a good option to clear pipes ¼” to 18” in diameter and up to 700 feet in length.

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