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We’ve all heard at least one plumbing horror story in our lives. The story where your relative noticed a small leak, called the plumber and got it fixed- until the next day the bathroom became flooded. Or the one where your neighbor called about a small problem and suddenly they were paying a huge bill and undergoing weeks of construction.

Those stories aren’t just fables though; they happen all too often. When it comes to plumbing problems, quick fixes and non certified plumbers will end up costing you more money in the long run. The best way to avoid this problem? By hiring a reputable company, such as Sewer Solutions, to run a sewer camera inspection.

Why get a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Without a sewer camera inspection, even the most experienced plumbers would be lost. The symptoms for a clogged pipe all tend to be the same; recurring clogs, higher water bills, sewage backup, foul odor or leaking.

A recurring clog from a tree root infiltration versus an obstructed pipe may exhibit the same symptoms, but the solution would be significantly different. If a plumber attempted to simply clean your drain and a tree root was growing inside, they would have to come back again and try a different method- ultimately adding to the cost when they could have discovered the correct solution in the first place.

Even if you haven’t noticed any worrisome symptoms of pipe problems, if you are about to purchase a home or business it is important to get your pipes inspected prior to the purchase. If the pipes are older than 40 years there is a great chance they may be corroding and breaking, which could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement.

How does it work?

Our sewer video equipment is not your ordinary camera equipment you can buy off Amazon. First, we take an extra-long fiber optic cable and run it through the sewer line. From there we attach a high-powered live video stream that displays the interior of the pipe on a monitor. After examining the problem area, we can determine the cause and come up with the most effective solution. Using this method you, the customer, will be able to watch the process from start to finish, and see the problem themselves so you feel with full certainty that we are proceeding with the correct measures.

If you are in the Aurora Colorado area and are experiencing plumbing issues, or you are simply interested in buying a new property, call a trusted plumbing company that holds your best interests.

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