Ft. Collins CO Sewer Inspection

A Ft. Collins CO sewer inspection is one of the quickest and most effective ways to prevent serious damage in your sewer line before it occurs. Prevention is always better than dealing with a problem once it progresses, and in terms of your plumbing it can save you a lot of money. A sewer inspection is not a time consuming process anymore thanks to the use of specialized cameras. A camera attached to a flexible line, using a light for illumination, is fed into your sewer line, normally from inside of your home or building. The video feed is then monitored by a professional, who can in turn identify areas that are in need of maintenance and / or any problems that may be present.

Sewer Inspection with a Camera

Using a camera to diagnose your sewer line is the only complete and accurate means of assessing the extent of damage or the current problem. Without a proper inspection you can only guess what the issue might be. Once the overall condition of your sewer line is assessed, then a sewer repair company can carry out only the maintenance and replacement that is necessary and minimize cost and disruption to your home or business. Regardless of the age of your home, a sewer inspection is a reliable form of preventative maintenance or for diagnosing any issue that you are having.

How Does Damage Occur?

Damage identified by a sewer inspection can often include deteriorated pipes and fittings, damaged pipe linings, cracked pipes due to tree root damage and well as damage that is the result of natural shifting. Lateral sewer inspections go straight to the root of the problem and can save homeowners thousands of dollars. Also, any prospective new home owner should always ensure that they have a sewer inspection completed prior to finalizing their purchase. To arrange your own Ft. Collins CO sewer inspection or find out any other information contact Sewer Solutions at 720-663-7473 (PIPE).