Littleton CO Sewer and Drain Replacement

Damage to your sewer line often results in the need for a sewer and drain replacement. A Littleton CO sewer and drain replacement does not even require trenching anymore, with trenchless replacement often being possible. Depending on the layout of your current sewer line, you may be able to take advantage of trenchless replacement and maintenance, saving your landscape from needing to be dug up and saving you the trouble of having to fix it.

Trenchless Sewer and Drain Replacement

Two techniques known as pipe lining and pipe bursting are used when a contractor carries out a trenchless replacement of any part of your sewer line. Pipe lining typically requires just a single access hole to be dug, while pipe bursting simply requires one new pipe to be forced through the larger, older sewer line pipes that are present. Pipe bursting typically needs just two access holes. Both options require far less disruption than the older and outdated methods of sewer and drain replacement that required large trenches to be dug.

What Makes Replacement Necessary?

If your sewer line is older than forty years old then there is a good chance that most of the pipes, if not the entire sewer line, is in need of a replacement. Damage occurs as a result of age and deterioration, as well as environmental factors such as shifting, weather damage and root growth. The exact state of damage to any given sewer line can be assessed with a sewer inspection, as it is the most accurate way to gauge the current status of your sewer line. Sewer and drain replacement is often necessary when there is an emergency, but it may be performed as a preventative measure. To have your sewer line inspected today or for more information about a Littleton CO sewer and drain replacement contact Sewer Solutions today at 720-663-7473 (PIPE).