Littleton CO Sewer Inspection

A Littleton CO sewer inspection is performed using a specialized waterproof camera that is attached to a flexible cable and illuminated by a bright light. This camera is then fed through your sewer line allowing a professional to assess the current situation of your sewer line if you are having any issues with it like slow drains or completely blocked drains. A trained inspector will be capable of identifying cracked pipes and linings, blockages and all other forms of damage and deterioration. A sewer inspection with a camera is both a great preventative measure and a perfect diagnostic tool for when things go wrong.

Exact Diagnostics

The video camera used for a sewer inspection helps the operator determine if there are any removable blockages, while quickly being able to see leaks and obstructions. Misaligned pipes can also be identified, as well as corrosion, root intrusion or any other form of damage. Knowing the exact cause of a problem, or the areas that need attention can save you a lot of money, and a camera inspection allows for a specific diagnosis to be made. By only focusing on what is necessary in terms of a repair or replacement, you can restore your plumbing to a fully operational state with minimal expense.

Sewer Inspection is Essential

A sewer inspection is essential for new home owners, and should always be performed prior to purchasing a new home or signing a lease where you will be liable for the sewer. Anyone renting with long lease agreements should have their sewer line evaluated to save future stress, especially if you’re liable in any way. Is, if you are having any type of problem with your sewer, it’s a wise decision to schedule an inspection as soon as you possibly can. For more advice about a Littleton CO sewer inspection, or to have your sewer line inspected today contact Sewer Solutions at 720-663-7473 (PIPE).