Sewer Camera Inspection in Longmont

What would you do if your home’s sewer system malfunctioned? How would you know the state of a potential new home’s sewer? How would you identify and fix a problem you can’t see?

Two decades earlier, the answer would’ve been very different to what it is today, requiring a local crew to visit and dig up the bathroom or driveway in search of the problem. After the repairs or replacements were finished, the trenches would need to be filled. 

However, things are not so complicated these days. If you are facing sewer problems in the Longmont, Colorado area, contact Sewer Solutions to quickly identify the problem with minimal disruption. Before we dig up your home to fix a problem, we first identify and locate it with the help of sewer camera inspection.

Plumbing Diagnosis Method

Sewer camera inspection is a technological advancement in which the inside of a pipe is inspected with the help of a fiber optic cable threaded through them. This is a non-disruptive method of sewer inspection where two small vertical holes are dug at the start and end points of the sewer system.

For shorter pipes, the camera is inserted on a flexible cable and for longer pipes, a tractor will carry the camera. The camera will be maneuvered through the hole dug at the entry point and guided through the pipes by our trained technicians with the help of a monitor above ground.

The camera sends a live feed to the monitor which helps the technicians see what the problem is, to pinpoint the location of the problem and to decide what the best way to fix it would be.

Once the camera has helped our professionals identify the problem, the next step is to locate the problem spot to fix it. The camera transmits signals to a handheld device. These images help them locate the exact spot under the ground. They dig down to reach the sewer and fix the cause of a malfunction.

In the case of sewage backing up, the camera usually shows a blockage caused by household waste or root balls. Depending on the size of the blockage, the team will fix it with mechanical rooting or hydro jetting.

If a sewer is leaking, the cause could be cracks, holes, or joint gaps of varying sizes. The trenchless sewer repair or replacement method helps fix this problem by inserting a resin into the pipe to cover the damaged area. However, if the camera transmits images of a collapsed pipe, our technicians might go down the CIPP route, laying out a whole new pipe without the need of digging out the old one.

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Sewer repair and replacement is no longer the daunting job it used to be, and that is primarily due to sewer camera inspection which allows us to diagnose a problem, and then execute the solution with minimal disruption. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us or fill out the contact form.