Trenchless Pipe Lining in Longmont

If your home or commercial space is experiencing sewer problems, such as sewage backup or water damage in the walls, this could be due to a clog or crack in the pipe. Depending on the situation, we will be able to fix the source of the problem accordingly with innovative, trenchless methods that will avoid property damage in favor of faster, more convenient options.

If a blockage is the source of the problem, a simple mechanical rooting or hydro jetting procedure will fix it. Rooting saws away smaller root balls and the debris is flushed away with a blast of water, while hydro jetting involves the cleaning of organic waste and larger root balls from your pipes with a high-pressure stream of water.

If there is a hole in the pipe, this requires more advanced methods of repair, but because we rely on trenchless pipe lining, the process is much less disruptive and time-consuming than past methods. Once our technicians have identified the problem and pinpointed its location, they’ll clean the damaged pipe with a blast of water under high pressure. This dislodges any grease or sludge lining the interior of the pipe.

Once the pipe is clean and dry, technicians soak a felt tube with resin and squeeze out the resin using mechanical inversion or manual positioning to line the pipe. The resin hardens and forms a new pipe within the old one, sealing any holes or leaks.

The new pipe formed within the old one is barely ¼” smaller and is very smooth so debris and grease can’t accumulate and create clogs, resulting in clean and clear drains for many years. Trenchless pipe lining can rehabilitate a variety of pipe types, including clay, plastic, PVC, cast iron or any other material, making it an incredibly versatile repair solution.

The resin used is an eco-friendly material that does not harm the environment and keeps your pipe safe from contaminants. Trenchless pipe lining guarantees a lifespan of 50 years, ensuring that future repairs won’t be necessary.

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Sewer Solutions was established in 2009 to serve the municipal, residential, and commercial sewer repair needs in Colorado. We have a team of certified, highly experienced team of plumbers to perform trenchless pipe lining. No job is too big or small for us. Our team’s priority is resolving your sewer problem with minimal disruption, as quickly as possible and at a competitive rate. We use the latest equipment and methods to offer long-lasting solutions and stand by the work we do.