How to diagnose if you need a sewer line replacement?

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A sewer line is an important element to every house. It works to carry wastewater away from appliances and fixtures from your home. Unfortunately, when it comes to home improvement, many people tend to forget about their sewer lines. This is a dangerous thing to do. Especially since sewer line problems get bad really quickly. Having a clogged or damaged sewer line can have some long-lasting effects on your property. This is why you should be on look out for early signs of sewer problems. When it comes to diagnosing a sewer pipe line problem there are many signs that you should not overlook.

Sewage Backing Up

Sewer line clog will usually cause problems that have drastic effects on the plumbing in your house. A clog blocks the sewer line, which means that little to no water can be flushed down the line. This can cause your sewage to start backing up. Toilets are the first fixture to be affected since their drains lead directly to your sewer line. When a sewer line gets backed up you may start to notice bubbling or gurgling coming from your toilet. If the problem starts to get worse you may begin to experience slow draining tubs, sinks, and shower drains.

Smells or Standing Water

When sewage is unable to flush through your sewer line correctly it can linger in your plumbing. A strong odor can start to become very noticeable in your home. This is a sure sign that your sewer pipe has busted and needs to be replaced. Broken sewer lines can also cause there be visible standing water in your yard. This is caused by the sewer line releasing water into the surrounding soil and drenching it. Having raw sewage seep into your yard can cause lots of other problems to your health and the environment.

Tree Roots

One of the most common signs of sewer problems is tree roots. It is not a surprise that tree roots enjoy growing and living inside sewer lines. These lines are a never ending source of moisture that makes it the perfect place for roots to grow. Unfortunately, these roots will grow into the joints of the pipes. As they start to get bigger and bigger they will completely block the sewer line. If this happens you will notice your sewer lines begin to clog.

Mold Problems

Mold growth on your walls can be a sign of having a broken sewer line inside your home. Many mold varieties need a humidity level higher than 55% to be able to start to grow. A cracked sewer pipe inside a wall can cause humidity levels to rise. This can be the start of you having mold problems. Any mold growth from broken sewer lines will also come with a bad order.

Insect Problem

It may be hard to accept, but having insect problems can be a sign of a broken sewer line. Cockroaches, sewer flies, and palmetto bugs will all make an appearance if you have a cracked sewer line. Having these insects in your home can have many negative consequences on your overall health.

If you experience any of these signs it is always a good idea to contact a professional plumber to come and check out your sewer lines. The worst case Scenario is that you will need to replace your sewer lines.

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