Is Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement a Good Idea?

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Some homeowners who hear the term “pipe bursting” picture some violent explosion going off on their property. No one would want to deal with that, but it’s a misconception to think that pipe bursting involves any type of dangerous explosives. This method is actually a form of trenchless pipe repair, which allows your damaged sewer lines or plumbing pipes to be replaced without digging up your yard. If you’ve ever asked the question “Is pipe bursting sewer replacement a good idea?”, the answer is definitely “Yes!”.

Most property owners would define a “good idea” as anything that saves them time and money and helps make their home more efficient. Pipe bursting accomplishes all three. Here’s what you need to know about this trenchless repair method.

How It Works

Pipe bursting involves running a new pipe through an old one, breaking — or bursting — it apart as the new plumbing or sewer line is put in place. There is special equipment called for when pipe bursting is done, but it’s not the type of equipment that excavates your property or destroys your landscaping. The equipment that your professional repair technicians will use include a digital inspection camera, winch, and bursting head. Before doing anything, the professionals repairing your pipes will insert a small camera into your system to look around. This is important because it not only helps them assess the issue, figure out the cause of damage, and determine where to place your new pipe, it’s key to preventing digging up your yard. Digital inspection is much faster than the traditional method of digging just to find the problem, and it’s also less costly.

After the technicians have spotted the issue and they’re ready to install your new plumbing, they’ll set up the winch, lines, and bursting head. The bursting head looks like a big cone, and it’s what’s responsible for breaking apart the old pipe. As the bursting head is fed through, it will split apart your damaged plumbing or sewer line and the new pipe will take its place. After the process is completed, the technicians will check to ensure everything is hooked up and working properly, and you’ll be able to enjoy an efficient, new plumbing system made of highly durable materials.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

One of the main factors that makes pipe bursting so attractive to homeowners is it doesn’t call for ruining your landscaping and surface features. It also takes less time to do than replacing and repairing plumbing via traditional methods. Fewer workers are needed, and pipe bursting can be completed in as little as a day. It’s also less of a disturbance, which is important when you have neighbors, work from home, or have pets that are bothered by very loud noises.

The cost of using pipe bursting to repair damaged plumbing and sewer lines is definitely lower than traditional methods. The labor expenses are lower, the materials are more affordable, and pipe bursting also removes the expense of needing to have your yard landscaped once repairs are completed. If you need your plumbing replaced as cost effectively as possible, but you still want the benefit of having a long lasting solution, pipe bursting is a great option.

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