Sewer Solutions chosen to repair Vail, CO Dam

Layer 88

When it comes to repairing water pipes, there’s no larger project than a dam! When Vail, Colorado realized their dam needed emergency maintenance to fix a broken pipe, they called Sewer Solutions. After a thorough and complete review of the situation, Vail and Sewer Solutions agreed that breaching the dam to replace the pipe would be too costly and take up too much critical time. The pipe was 15″ in diameter and over 140′ feet long, penetrating the dam to run a new pipe just wasn’t an option. Without delay, Sewer Solutions immediately set to work, on day one we set up the equipment and did what prep work was needed before shooting the pipe. On day two the entire 140′ was shot with a 4.5mm Cured in Place Piping (CIPP) liner and allowed to cure. In just two days, Sewer Solutions was able to restore functionality to the pipe, saving Vail a great deal of money and accomplishing the repair prior to the damage being critical to the dam. We were honored to be chosen for this important repair.

Sewer Solutions can make this service available to anyone, business or residence. Don’t tear up your yard, patio, or house if you don’t need to! Enjoy these pictures and video from the Vail job!

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