Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair in Littleton

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These days, advancements in technology are affecting and improving every area of our lives. They can save us time and money and provide greater convenience than previously available. One such area that this applies to is in the trenchless repair and/or replacement of sewer pipes.
In traditional sewer pipe replacement and repair, a large trench is dug all around the pipe and work is done within that trench. It is effective, but causes a great deal of disruption to a homeowner’s yard and property. Not to mention that it can be quite costly, having to pay a crew of workers with professional equipment to dig everything up and then restore it all when they are finished. If you are in or around the Littleton area, a new technology is available and can be a cost-effective alternative to your repair needs.

Littleton Sewer Pipe Repair Goes Trenchless

Trenchless plumbing was developed as an alternative to the traditional trench method. In using trenchless technology, only one or two small holes need to be dug as opposed to a yard-wide trench. There are two different methods of pipe replacement that can be performed, depending on the problem and condition of your pipes.
The first method involves using a pipe liner, a flexible, resin-covered tube that is either blown or pulled into place through the existing pipe. It is then inflated and hardens into place. Once it is hardened, it creates a new pipe, now without any joints or seams, that is more durable than the previous one. With the resin coating, it is also highly resistant to root invasion, a great benefit that will also increase its longevity. It will be slightly smaller than the original pipe, but this has no effect on performance.
Another replacement method is pipe bursting. This is where a new pipe is pulled through the old one, causing the old one to crack and move outward. This may be the preferred method and, at times, the only method possible if the old pipes are very damaged or corroded. Both methods are equally durable; your plumber will examine your system to determine with method would be best for your situation. It’s possible, depending on where you live and the condition of your pipes and sewer system as a whole, that traditional trench digging may still be the best option for you.
Costs for using trenchless technology will vary. It depends on the configuration of your current system, how deep the pipes are, the type of soil you have and fluctuating material prices. You would need to contact your local plumber to do an analysis of your home and current plumbing setup to be able to determine any kind of estimate.
The Littleton area boasts many highly rated plumbing professionals that can be contacted to repair or replace your current sewer lines. If you choose the trenchless method, you can be assured of receiving the most up-to-date technology available in regard to your sewer system. This durability of trenchless pipes, along with the cost-effectiveness make it a wise choice for most homeowners. The added advantage of much less disruption to your property and schedule is very desirable as well. Contact your Littleton plumber to find out your options to make an informed choice that will protect your greatest investment – your home.

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