Using Sewer Video Inspection To Identify Tree Root Blockages

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Tree root blockages in pipes can cause a lot of problems for any homeowner and without a proper inspection, you won’t even know that this can be the cause of in-home issues you may be having. Toilets not flushing properly, sinks and tubs not draining as they should, water backed up in your basement, all can be symptoms of underground pipe problems. Just like any untreated issue, this can get worse and lead to extensive damage and will cost you more money to repair.

Since the pipes are located under the ground, you are probably wondering how you can even find out what is causing the problems within your pipes. It would seem that you would have to do some digging and rip up a lot of your yard just to find where the problem is located. Luckily, thanks to advances in technology, professionals have a way to diagnose the problems underground and won’t have to do any digging until it is time to do the repairs.

Once you have chosen an experienced professional, they will come to your house and begin the process of finding out just what your problem is and where that problem is located. A sewer line camera will be used. A sewer line camera is a camera that is inserted into the pipe, to see just what is causing the blockage issues. The professional will have a screen that he/she will be watching and this will have live footage of what the camera is seeing. This will allow them to see any and all problems inside the pipe and it will let them see other small issues that may become a bigger problem later on. There may be non-flushable items in the pipe, grease that has become solid once it has cooled, and/or tree roots. The camera has the technology to be able to document exactly where the problem is and will allow them to decide what repair method will be needed, based on the actual blockage and/or problems in the pipe.

The professional may use a process called hydro jet sewer cleaning where a powerful hose is placed into the pipe and uses the power of water to force the blockage out. This will clean the entire pipe and is a great method to use if there is only a blockage and no actual damage to the pipe. However, if the pipe is damaged, there may have to be a repair done to the pipe or installation of a new pipe. One method involves placing a tube into the pipe that has adhesive on it. It will adhere to the pipe and thus, create a pipe in a pipe. The other method involves the old pipe being replaced by a new pipe through a process called pipe bursting. This is where a new pipe is inserted in while simultaneously bursting the old pipe. All methods are very effective and will be used depending on what your underground situation is.

In closing, prevention is the key but some things in life, like tree roots, are out of our control. Fixing the problem in its early stages will save you time and money and getting an experienced professional to do it, will ensure you won’t have the problem again.

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