Which Sewer Repair System are You Using?

7 - Trenchless-Sewer-Lining

Water and sewer removal are essential in every home. To facilitate this, pipes are used to let water to a house, and sewer lines are used to dispose of waste from the house. The pipes in the house you live were not installed recently unless it’s a newly built house. This warrants the need for repair with time or installation of new pipes altogether since they are allowed to wear out with time. As time passes, pipes are damaged by roots, and others are corroded or burst in the process of you clearing your yard, this happens more so for the pipes near the surface. When the time comes, choosing the best method to repair your pies and live you no added costs as you try to rebuild structures or repair the dug up portion, is quite essential and allowing the job be done by an expert as well.

What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

The trenchless sewer repair is an advanced technology that takes into consideration the beauty of your landscape. Making it remain as it was before and you don’t recognize that repair was done. It’s a clean piece of tech that repairs old sewer pipes and installs new sewer pipes, yet causing less harm to the structures it passes beneath.

Why Choose Trenchless Sewer Repair Over Traditional Repair

Earlier in the days, before the introduction of the technology, a sewer repair could last quite long and hence incur a lot of cost to the owner. This was due to the digging process that required some employers to do the task; this means more cost to you as you have to pay for the services. In addition to that, the ugly landscape left behind after the process needs to be beautified, warranting additional expenses on your part. The trenchless technology, however, requires fewer people and not much expense is incurred.
Its takes less time to repair the sewer; hence its operations will be back in no time. Since it uses advanced technology, the work has been made easier. Hence fewer people are required, and the job is completed early enough before you realize.
It’s the new piece of technology in town; it will be so astonishing to see you among the late adaptors of technology. Tech makes work easier, and you spend less money in the long-run.

What the process entails

The process requires experts and well-trained personnel to perform the tasks. Inexperienced personnel may leave behind incomplete work that will cost you more to repeat the entire process once again.
The process begins with a video inspection of the sewer to be repaired. This indicates the areas to repair and how much damage has occurred to the sewer. The examination will enable experts to decide whether to repair the pipe or to install a new pipe altogether.
After coming up with the decision of the way forward, the work begins; two holes are dug so as to facilitate access to the pipes. One is dug where the owner’s pipe begin and the other where they end, allowing access to and from the sewer pipe.
A new pipe is then fitted in the original pipe; it has a hardened head that bursts the original pipe into pieces upon accessing the pipe, living a completely new pipe in place. On the other hand, the pipe may be passed and allowed to adhere to the original pipe where the repair is being conducted.
The pipe is pulled from the exit hole by a hydraulic system until the pipe is in place. A video inspection is carried out again to ensure that proper work has been done. Upon completion of the repair and installation process, the holes are filled up, and the landscape goes back to its original look.

The installed pipes, in most cases, they being the high-density polyethylene pipe, are resistant to corrosion and not allow penetration of the roots in the sewer systems. This assures you a great job and saving money since you will not require repairing the pipe shortly. Adapt the piece of tech and have your compound looking the same after a repair, in addition to saving money and using it for other purposes.

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