Top Reasons to Have Your Home’s Sewer System Inspected, Upgraded, or Repaired

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Most of our homes are probably at least 40 years old. At or around that age, homes may begin to require inspections or refurbishments in order to maintain their integrity. One of the first systems found in the home that needs attention is a home’s sewer system. Having an inspection performed will usually tell you everything you need to know — you might be lucky and your pipes and sewerage may not need any additional attention. Then again, you may find yourself needing to have some replacement parts installed or have a sewer drain cleaning performed to keep your home up to date. These practices are vital in ensuring that your home is safe, and can manage waste-water from your home in the most modern, efficient way possible.

Over the last 15 years, new, more efficient methods and technologies have been developed. Some of the most prominent and popular among these advancements are the wide array of trenchless digging options now available to homeowners. This technology has been available for 15 years, though it is still growing in popularity as more and more people learn about it.

Generally speaking, your reasons for investing in a trenchless sewer system are many. To begin with, it is a more effective way of managing a home’s waste products. These systems also save the homeowner money — despite having a 30-50% higher initial installation cost than a more retro design — because there are very little repair, maintenance, or restorative costs associated with them.

With so many options available in the marketplace today, it’s plain to see that there can be no better time than right now to explore your options. Inspections are inexpensive, typically ranging between $250-350 or so. The potential savings of upgrading your system could easily offset the costs of an inspection many times over.

As a homeowner, you aren’t required to upgrade to one of these systems — it’s just one of your many options. Many will opt to simply have an inspection and sewer drain cleaning performed every so often. This is also an effective way of keeping your home’s pipes in good working condition

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