Your Sewers — Are They Clean and Efficient, or a Waste of Your Money?

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Having an efficient, unclogged, cost-effective sewer system is no longer a pipe dream. Sewer line repair is an industry that’s gone under serious changes over the past few decades, leaving homeowners with an array of brand-new options to replace their sewer systems of yesteryear with.

Trenchless sewer installations have been all the rage over the past 10-15 years though most homeowners are unaware of the technology and the benefits afforded by it because of the frequency at which sewer line repairs are needed. Most systems are quite durable, and can outlive even the homeowner if all factors are just right.

Usually, a homeowner won’t (unless they are already a fan of renovation and restructuring projects in the home) become aware of new technologies until the need for replacing their older system arises. In other words, most folks think that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Perhaps “out of sight, out of mind” is an even more appropriate take on this trend. In a word, you aren’t very likely to spend your free time thinking about or telling friends about your sewers.

In any case, drain pipe repair can be costly. In fact, even the above mentioned trenchless sewer systems cost about 30-50% more than the older systems, but the savings come in the form of reduced renovation costs years down the line. Spending a little more money up front now could actually be the most cost-effective move if you’re patient. A lot of things in life have a pricing structure like this. It’s for good reason.

Consider having a sewer inspection if you haven’t had one performed recently. Regardless of whether or not your system has been well taken care of or not, most experts agree that 40 years is plenty old enough for a sewer system — get it replaced! Most of us are living in homes that have not yet had to have their old sewers replaced. Be proactive, not reactive, and start saving money today.

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